Friday, April 4, 2014


We cleaned out the garage last weekend and Moose discovered a bone that she thought she had lost! When Moose chews a bone, she goes all out!! If you haven't experienced wet soggy nasty rawhide, you are lucky. It's so ...gross and the wet stuff gets on everything!!
I walked into our bedroom and Moose suddenly looked up at me.
"I wasn't chewing my bone on the new carpet."
I told her, "Good girl. You wouldn't want to get the carpet nasty!"

I came back 10 seconds later.
"Moose are you chewing your bone?"
"Nope...just holding it like a first communion candle."
"Ok. I'm busted. I was preparing to chew it all to soggy wet nastiness. I'm sorry."
Don't worry, Moose headed outside with us and chewed that rawhide to her hearts content.

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