Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Not Like His Mother...

Jack had a little wart on his hand that needed some attention, so off to the dermatologist we went. Before adding the "beetle juice" (yes, she really uses beetle juice!) that will kill the wart, she wanted to scrape some of the cauliflower head off of the wart.
Now is it was me, I would have laid back and looked at the ceiling counting tiles. Not Jack, he sat right up and watched her scrape...she asked if he would like to use her magnifying glasses to get a better look...Oh, would he!?!?!?

Once she had the top scraped off, on went the beetle juice!

I am glad to report that the beetle juice has once again worked to rid Jack of his wart. (yea...once again...he had a planters wart on his foot last year.) And..he just might have an idea of what his next Halloween costume may need to include!

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