Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Back to the Races...Next up, the men's special invite 400. It was loaded, but our cheers were going to LaShawn Merritt.
This is Merritt after winning the 400. Just wanted you to see his face! Actually, it's the only picture that I have his face! (heehee)
Merritt won the 400m in the 2008 Olympics. He also won gold that year in the 4x400. His biggest challenger at that time was Jeremy Wariner.
And look who else was running the 400 on the blue oval...Jeremy Wariner!
Here is a photo of the winning 4x400m relay team of 2008. Merritt is on the far left and Wariner is on the right.
Merritt getting ready and what's that a note with my phone number on it for Merritt? Oh, no. Not my number, just wishing him good luck! :)
And as you already know, Merritt won the 400! Here he is getting interviewed. Why would I include this picture? Because...
Here's me taking the above picture! Yep, even I got some screen time! If you squint it will be more in focus.
A little ice cream to top off the night and another great Relays in our pocket!

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