Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Drake Relays Part 2...

After our great mile runs on Tuesday, we headed to the Blue Oval on Friday night for Relays Under the Lights. It was an amazing night of running!
Opps...I forgot not to take their picture when they are looking into the sun. They quickly reminded me of that!
Off to the races...the first big one we watched was Lolo Jones in the 100 shuttle hurdles.
There she is getting her blocks ready. Thank you Lolo for wearing hot pink...easy to spot!

I took a lot of pictures of the race, but we all know her team won! Here's a "winning" picture of the group!
After winning the race the team took a victory lap around the oval. Sam and Jack got to high five them all! You can see that they just high fived Lolo!
The sports guy from TV 8 was taping the girls on their victory lap! When Jack came back to sit with me he announced, "I'm famous!! The TV guy got me on TV! I'm famous, mom!"
Well, fast forward to the ten o'clock news on Channel 8.  And wouldn't you know, there was Jack cheesing at the camera! Much more interested in getting himself on camera than congratulating Lolo!
What a goof ball!!!
Back to the races. We got to witness a record breaking high jump! The athlete jumped 7' 10 1/2" high. Can you imagine!!
I just happened to catch it!!

I thought this was a good picture showing how high the bar is actually set at. The judges are standing right below the bar! Amazing that someone can actually jump that high!
Sam and Jason a good night of track!

Jack and I cheering on the athletes!

Taking a selfie with the boys. I guess they are flashing the signal for "selfie." Interesting.