Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Drake Relays Part One...

It was a busy time last week and weekend with the Drake Relays.
No complaints, because the weather was amazing!!
We kicked off the relays by participating in the
Drake Grand Blue Mile and Fun Run for Jack.
Jason and Sam participated in the Grand Blue Mile.
Here they are prepping for the big race!

Jack did a few warm up laps in the skywalk!

My boys before their races.
Jack participated in the Iowa Kidstrong Run.
It was a 400 meter run straight down Grand Ave.

Jack's race actually turned out to be about 600 meters.
Can you spot him in his bright yellow tee?

Run, Jack, Run!!

He ran his little heart out!!

I was so proud of him!

Over the finish line in 2 minutes 30 seconds!
Actually, 2 minutes 29 seconds, but Jack rounded up.
Way to go Jack!!

After the race, Jack kept repeating, "2 minutes 30 seconds.  I can't breath. 2 minutes 30 seconds.  I can't breath, Mom."

After a bottle of water, a little rest and a free package of Goldfish, Jack was good to go and so proud of himself!
"I beat third graders, Mom!"
Yes you did, my little man, yes you did.