Monday, March 3, 2014

Oscar Day...

I knew it was Oscar Sunday, so when I got up yesterday, I put on my slippers with the gold ties in honor of this wonderful day!
Then I went to the basement and cleaned it out ALL DAY...BUT I watched the red carpet ALL DAY too!!
And then it was time to "Get Ready" for the show so I headed upstairs to print off our Oscar ballots.
 I had the pre-show on TV and the live stream on my can see it on my red binder to the left of my computer. I LOVED the live stream. Got to see EVERY ONE walk on the red carpet, not just the biggies!

An "up-close" of my phone! I carried it around with me for two hours!! I wish you would have known about live stream!!!
(So happy she won!! Such a classy lady!)
Check out his gal, I am not sure who she is, but she is EXTREMLY pregnant! (Found out later that she is "Thor's" wife) You didn't see her interviewed, but these are things I watched on live-stream.  I think if I was that pregnant, I would still go to the Oscar's...I think.
Before we filled out our ballots, we made our own personal pan Oscar pizzas! Sam looks as if he wanted to put a little sausage on his!

Jack's pizza is all ready for cooking!

Sam showing his pizza right before it slid off the tray!

While the pizzas were baking, we filled out our Oscar ballots.

We choose the ten most popular categories and then pick who we think will win. I help the boys out by sharing the top two choices that may win. In order to keep it fair, we pick a few categories where we have no idea who could possibly win!
Pizzas done! So we headed downstairs to eat our personal pan pizzas and watch the end of the pre-shows.

Had a few minutes before the big show, so we decided to take an Oscar selfie!

The boys and I decided our selfies were too dark, so we turned on the flash. Yea, that didn't work so well....neither did my laying back on a pillow help my chin situation!

Soon, Ellen took the stage and the show began!!
A quick picture with Ellen (who was amazing!!) and we settled in to watch the big night. A successful night of enjoying the Oscars, but not a successful night on my Oscar ballot!

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