Thursday, February 27, 2014

Jack Got It...

I was awaken by jack at 1:23 in the morning stating those dreadful words, "Mom. I just threw up." And of course...Jason was out of town and he usually does clean up duty, but I was on my own. So I took a deep breath...and headed upstairs to Jack's room. Yep. He sure did get sick, right in his bed. Bless his heart..he told me he tried to keep it all none place. (ew.)
So, to make a long story short, I built a nest of towels on the floor in our room, for him to lay on. It was quite comfortable due to the layers after layers of towels!! Thank goodness, I had some children's Dramamine on hand and gave him one (cross my fingers) to settle him tummy. He did fall back to sleep and did not get sick again!  Yea, it worked!! As you can see, I had a bucket close...just in case!  Sorry if that grosses you's clean! 
Now I just KNOW that Sam will be getting it in two days. It always works that way. And Sam is a little more dramatic about the whole "sick" business.  Nothing to look forward to...for either of us. I just keep telling myself that Jack didn't have the was something he ate...and Jas will be home for clean up duty!

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Janet said...

ACK!! I feel for you, friend! I know you are thoroughly coated in Lysol by now! Stay well!