Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Big Hair!!!

I found the most amazing hair product for my flat hair! Now if I can just get this selfie thing to be amazing.
Here is a photo of my hair after I have dried it. Now, before taking this picture, I have used volume shampoo and conditioner, volume mouse and dried my hair with a large round brush...upside down. Well, maybe not upside down, but you understand. Now with all that volume product, you would think I would have some BIG hair. Nope. Just a lot of work for flatness.
Unit I found this: Big Sexy Hair Powder Play! You tap the powder onto your roots where you need a little lift. Not a lot of powder, which I found out after using it the first time. A couple of taps will do the trick. Then using your finger tips, rub/ massage the areas where you placed the powder and...

Wah La!! Big hair!! Now you may be thinking..that's big hair? Well, for me it is big hair..but trust me, I will still tease that hair and spray that hair and then cross my fingers that my "do" will last for 30 minutes! The good/fun thing about the powder, is that you can reactivate it by rubbing/massaging it again.
It is worth a try! A heads up, it has a very chalky feeling. The first day I couldn't stop touching it. So when you try it the first time, you might want to make sure you don't have to go out in public or you may get some strange looks. No that I would know.

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