Monday, March 24, 2014

Big 12 Champions!!

While in Kansas City, the Big 12 tourney was going on. Iowa State played Friday night, but we watched that from a restaurant. When they beat Kansas that night, we decided that going to the Championship on Saturday night would be a must! Jason looked for tickets that night and finally found some tickets on Saturday morning!! Off we went!
A family selfie before the game!

Heading into the Sprint was CRAZY!! The place was sold out and FULL of Iowa State fans.  It was SO much fun!!

A pre-game pumped up!

Unfortunately, ISU was off to a SLOOOW start. A 13-1 run by Baylor did not make us very you can see from the faces of my boys!

But never fear...ISU was HERE!! We won and it was a great time to help celebrate the Cyclone victory with 17,000 other ISU fans.

Kane came up in the bleachers beside us!!
Pretty Cool!

Proud to be a Cyclone fan!!

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