Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Jack is My Hero!!

Warning: There is a dead squirrel in the images to come!! If this may offend you, please do not read on!
Coming home from a good day out...driving down our lane...when suddenly - thump...look in the rearview mirror. Oh jeepers. I finally did it. I hit one of those squirrels that dart in front of my car everyday. What is a girl to do? After many "helpful" texts from friends. One suggested to cover the little dead one with a towel until Jason got home. Perfect. I had to do something, because the crows were gathering. Nasty. Well, by the time I decided to cover with a towel, I had to pick up Jack from school.
"Jack, I need you to do something for me," I told him. I explained the situation...and added that if he covered the squirrel, I would pay him 10 dollars. He agreed.
"Mom. It doesn't have any eyes."
Oh jeepers....
"Just don't look at it.  You can do this...I know you can," I cheered him on. And I might have offered a bit more money in the process.


Way to go Jack!!
Fast forward to Sam coming home. As we drove past the towel, I asked Sam if he would be willing to pick up that towel that dropped into the lane. Sam was on to me instantly. "What's under it?" Jack, "Oh nothing!!" as he starts to laugh.

 So the boys head out. Sam picked up a stick and poked the towel and let out a slightly high shriek. And then added, "What is wrong with you guys!"
And is pure Sam fashion. He headed in to wash his hands...though he didn't touch a thing!
I picked up the towel the following evening. Yep, it was covered for an entire day. Yes, I know, gross. When I got up the next morning, squirrel gone. I was glad that it was no longer laying in the lane, but then I thought, what came through and picked it up???

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