Monday, February 24, 2014

A "Love Letter"

Last week, Sam opened up his locker when he got to school and a note (from a girl) dropped out! 
 Here is what it says (she is so organized!):
Would you go out with (girl's name)
and then she listed the classes that they have together...just in case he wouldn't know who she is.

Do you even like her?

Do you like anyone?
yes (if checked please answer the next question)
no (if checked don't answer next question)
Who do you like? (optional)
(first and last name please)
Just in case she would like to have a few words with this gal! 
(if no one please just say "none")
Please return to locker number ### by Wednesday if possible. Friday at the latest.
Thank you!
I feel a little bad for the girl because on the return date dead line, the note was still sitting on Sam's dresser!  I don't know about you, but when I wrote a note like this at Sam's age, I just couldn't wait for the return answers!!  It got his attention though! 
 I wonder if I would get his attention if I would create one of these notes for his chores!
Dear Sam,
Have you finished your chores?
Did you even attempt your chores?
If you answer "no" for the two questions, then unfortunately you get to clean the toilets!
Hmmmmm...this just might get his attention, too!


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Janet said...

And so it begins... :)