Monday, January 27, 2014

A Sleepover!

The boys had a sleepover the other night. Not at a friend's house, but a "sleepover" means Jack sleeps in Sam's room!
 "I'm not sleeping in your bed with you!" Jack stated, "You grind your teeth!"
Sam quickly explained: "I didn't want you to sleep in my bed! You can sleep on the floor!"
Well, Jack didn't hesitate. He had soon created his bed "nest" and was all snuggled in for the night...on the floor!

Oh! An "unexpected" guest that would hate to be left out on any of the fun!

Moose...are you sure you want to sleep with the boys?

I will take this as a yes!
"Moose is taking up my bed!" said Jack.
I told him that she was like a bumper pad and he wouldn't
roll into Sam's dresser!

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