Thursday, November 7, 2013

When I walked up from the basement, I saw Moose peeking around the corner. There has been a plastic zipper wall that she has not been able o go through during this entire process. She must have thought she still couldn't come over to the new part!

Here is the view of the two sliding doors that lead out to the three season porch. Why two sets of doors? We really liked the idea of having the area completely opened during the three days the weather permits!

Here's an outdoor view of the porch. (Where's Moose?) Jason and I have a bit more staining to complete! There will be screens all around the porch. Where Moose is standing, is where the door will be located.

Jason and I did all the staining of the porch. Love the ceilings! I won't point out the darker area in the lower left corner. I won't tell you how Jason thought he could even out some brush strokes, but has opened up an entire can of worms!!

Hope you enjoyed the tour and find our new place comfy and homey as Moose does!!