Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A New Old Bench...

Like my new bench?
Actually, it's not a new bench, but an OLD bench that I painted!
I KNOW!! I painted AGAIN!!

Jason shouldn't go out of town so much!
When my dad traveled, my mom painted all the lampshades black one week! I guess it's a hereditary thing!

This is the original bench. It was actually my Grandma Rold's and I have had it for years! I love the bench and have always wanted to use it,  but it isn't my taste. 

A close up of the little reindeer or cats with antlers. I am sure it was a beautiful bench to have in it's time, but it's time has past. It was time to get it out of my basement, paint it and USE it!!

As you can see, Moose is just thrilled with the next project!

I really liked the wood and wanted to save that, so I taped it off. 

A coat or two of spray paint and ta da..a very clean white bench.

I was too clean for me, so I started to paint black streaks in areas where the bench would be naturally worn.