Thursday, November 7, 2013

Now to the basement.
The door straight ahead is a where the sump pump and HVAC items are located.

When you come down the stairs, to your right there is a door, that will be hung soon, that leads to the basement of the existing house. The other door, leads under the steps and will be used for storage.

If you look to your left, you will see a door to the bathroom, the entry to the theater (which will have doors) and then the entry to the "social" area.

I am standing in the theater area and looking back at the door that will eventually have doors. The half wall will have a counter and stool on the other side. The "bar" is visible in the back.

To the right of the theater door, is the component shelf. It will hold all the coronets for the's black so the components will "disappear."

A closer look at the bar. The large empty area will hold the fridge.

The area past the bar will be a card playing area and will eventually have a card table.

Now I am in standing in the "card" area and looking back at the theater area. The big "blank" area is planned to house a pool table. Now with all, this room don't you think that Jason could find a spot to work form home?

This is the entry to the bathroom.

A closer look...a light gray paint and gray plank tiles. The tiles look like gray wood...really awesome!