Friday, November 22, 2013

Petersen walking ito the locker-room at half time.

Cris Carter headed to a podium to accept his Hall of Fame rings.

RG III warming up after half time.

Petersen running back on the field after half time.

RG III passing the ball. I think he is looking at me saying, "You go ahead and use your big lens. I am getting fined for wearing my camo shoes in honor of the veterans and my own parents!"

Petersen scored another touchdown...Vikes were ahead at this time! It was a nail biter of a game!

Where we sat, the human mascot of the Vikes came by and we got a quick picture with him!

The Vikes pulled it off and actually won the game. It came down to the very last! What a fun night! And I got to se RG III play...oh and AP and Jared Allen and Cris Carter, too!

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