Friday, November 22, 2013

A Vikings Game...and RGIII

Since Jason and I had to head to Minneapolis to get a new piece from my scrapbook table,we decided to go the Vikings game while we were there.

Honestly, it was the other way around. We stopped at IKEA because we were up there for the game. Sometimes I like to pretend that I am the reason we went to Minneapolis and not the Vikings. (smile) This night the Vikes were playing the Washington Redskins...which meant RG III would be in the house! YEA!!!

We were able to watch Adrian Peterson warm up before the game.

And watch RG III run by after warming up!

Jared Allen and the defense came out to warm up...I think he is looking at me! He is probably thinking, you aren't allowed to have that long of camera lens in the dome!

Oh...that wasn't Jared Allen thinking that, it was the little security man in the yellow jacket who was actually yelling it at me! I pushed my lens in and he said, "Your lens is longer than a pencil! You shouldn't have that in here!" I asked him, "Why?" He then proceeded to pick up a program to point out the rules..I stopped him and explained, "I understand that there is a rule on the size of lens that I can have. But, can you explain to me why."  "I don't know why. Just keep that thing in. You shouldn't have gotten in here with that."  Wow. Glad their security is working...I feel safe!

I told the man in the yellow jacket I would keep my big lens tucked in. Then I proceeded to have Jason block my lens and take pictures of RG III running by. Seriously, how can I not use my big's not like this happens every day!

We also watched Cris Carter, who was being presented with his Hall of Fame rings at half time, blow the big Viking horn to start the game.

I used my big illegal lens to watch  RG III take some hikes!

 Watched Petersen make some touchdowns! It's blurry because he is so faaaassssttt!!


AP celebrating a touchdown. Wow! The Vikes might actually win this game!