Tuesday, June 25, 2013

We Have a Basement!

When the workers came to pour cement, they were welcomed by mud and more mud.
So they started to pump out what water they could...and they stood around to watch water pump.


Eventually, the plumbers were able to install our sewer lines and our sump pump.

These are the lines to the new bathroom.

Due to the mud and trucks getting stuck in our yard, the workers already knew that they wouldn't be able to bring the dump truck of rock to the basement. So plan B. The dump truck dumped the rock in the yard by the lane. Then this bobcat would bring a load over to the basement and dump the gravel into the wheelbarrows. SLOW work!

Then the workers would attempt to wheel the wheel barrow...through the THICK MUD and dump the gravel around the basement. It was nearly impossible and ,again, SLOW work.

Eventually they got a" layer" of rock around the entire basement.Notice how they tried to "scoop" mud over the walls?  They didn't quite make it at times!

It wasn't a pretty sight!

The next day, we followed our cement truck back to our house.
I know..I am a rebel. You shouldn't follow large machines into work sites!!
After finishing the gravel work, they covered the entire basement with plastic. Interesting!
I didn't get to watch the actual pouring of the cement...had to go to work!

So when I got home, we had a beautiful new cement floor!

A perfectly smooth floor that looks like the walls have s@#* on them!

When Jason got home from work, he immediately went to the basement!

The boys planned out the man cave...what a happy night for ones with testosterone!!

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