Thursday, June 27, 2013

An Amazing Race!

Jason was asked by a friend to participate with him in a local Amazing Race!
Jason was all over this!
The two of them talked a little smack before they saw their competition.

Once the contestants took off, we were given a list of the stops, so off the boys and I went to chase down the Amazing Racers.

We missed Jas at the first two stops (they were SO fast!! It had NOTHING to do with me being directionally challenged!) We finally caught up with them at the cafe where they had to eat a HUGE pancake in order to receive their next clue.

The best part was that the cafe was air conditioned!!

The worst part was the pancake came HOT of the griddle, which made it a bit challenging to eat. I thought the BIGGER challenge was going to be the running after eating that gut bomb!

Off to the aquatic center to go down the water slide and then off the diving board.
When Jason left here, they were in third place.  Impressive!!

The boys and I got to the repelling station before any racers had arrived. We were waiting and suddenly Jason and his friend came FIRST place!!

Jason volunteered to do the repelling.
At this point, I think I heard Jason say, "oh. not comfortable."

There he is at the top. Jason has never repelled before so the boys and I cheered him on! It was a change to have the boys yelling, "YOU CAN DO IT!!"

It took a bit for Jason to finally take the fist step, due to nerves.
Later he told me he kept thinking, "If I fall, my kids are at the bottom. That is not good."
"Good positive thinking," I told him.

But  once he got going, there was no stopping him!
It was fun to see and hear the boys cheering on their dad!

After the repelling, it was a 3 mile run to the bowling alley.
Teams could choose to bowl 75 pins or three strikes.
The boys choose three strikes.
Jas teammate threw a strike the first frame!! took about 20 more frames to get three strikes.

Here are the kiddos watching the bowling part of the Amazing race!

At the finish line.
Yep, they finished in first place!
The only team to finish under 4 hours (3:45) which was their goal.

What wasn't amazing, was the way Jason walked for two days after the race! 

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