Monday, June 24, 2013

House Update...

We are further along then the pictures are showing, but thought I would update the house this was about two weeks ago. Before our Internet and phone lines were cut. is a view of our yard. No, a meteor did not land in our yard.  It's just an absolute mess...and the smell. GROSS!!! Standing water does not do good things for air aroma!

The basement walls are up!

A shot looking at the North side of the house.

Thought you would enjoy how much water was standing, at one point, in our basement!!
The reason there is a "moat" around the house, it that the hole is actually dug larger than the basement walls, so the workers can work on both sides of the wall.
Check out the pond through the basement window!

More this time, there wasn't a basement floor. It rained and rained and rained, so the water just pooled in the walls. We did have to pump it out...

This is how I often see the boys checking out what is going on!!

Jason couldn't WAIT to get in the basement. He put on his waders and headed in. Yuck. All I could think of was the movie Poltergeist and hoped that nothing floated to the top!!

I really think at this point if we put a top on the basement and called it good, Jason would be happy!
Good news...since these photos were taken, there is a cement floor and there is NO water!!
It wasn't "easy" getting there, but it is getting better every day...cross my fingers!!

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