Friday, June 28, 2013

A Door in the House!

At the time I took these pictures, we were about two weeks behind schedule.
All we wanted was to see SOME progress!

This was progress...the workers came to backfill the dirt. Since they dig the whole larger than the basement, they have to fill the area on the outside of the wall with dirt...backfill.
Well, they didn't backfill this area by the bushes.
I don't know why.

As you can tell, they basically pushed mud around while backfilling.
This was also the night that they pulled out our temporary power line AND cut our phone lines.
So much for progress!!

The next day there was a little more progress.
The workers cut the door that will go from the new basement to the existing basement.

It was starting to look good!
Unfortunately, the left side of the wall is not backfilled at all.

The framers started their work.
They framed some of the basement and started to put the floor boards in!

But, since the entire area wasn't backfilled, they were having a terrible time getting the lumber in the corners and basically working in the area.

What took them three days, should have only taken them one day.
So they went on strike.
The framers wanted better working conditions. they wanted the house completely backfilled and a power area that could handle their tools.
Progress stopped.
So after a couple of days...the remaining backfill was completed and the framers were back at it!
Progress once again.

It's's the little things that make you happy!!

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