Monday, July 1, 2013

Major Progress!!

Major progress last week.
You are almost up to speed with our addition.
Once they laid the floor boards, the pictures were pretty dull. I won't go down in the basement, too lights and I bet there are things living down there, too.
So I just waited for some other indication of progress...

Last Tuesday, when we drove down the driveway , WE HAD A WALL!!
Huge progress!!

Yep, the wall is very tall.
Or Jack shrunk.

These are the steps to the basement...I KNOW...pretty exciting!!
I won't be going down there for awhile!

Then on Wednesday, when we drove down the lane, we HAD MORE WALLS!
This is actually going to be our master bedroom. The "open" areas are where our windows will be placed. So, we have three window at the top of the wall, then two large window. 

This shows the other windows in our bedroom.

This will be the living room area. you can see that there are gong to be floor to ceiling windows. To the right will be some sort of door (I can't remember what kind) to the three season porch.

This is a closer look at the door that will lead to the three season porch.

It's so exciting to actually see the house coming together...even if it won't be ready for another three months...or more!

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