Monday, October 15, 2012

The Color Run!!

The Color Run finally came to town and we decided to participate as a family!

The morning of the run, Jack warmed up with a few bicep curls.  I think he could give Olivia Newton John a run for her money in the movie Xanadu!

We had to carry these packs of color for the color party at the end of the race.

I knew I would end up carry the boys' color packs, so I decided to duck tape them to the kiddos backs.  (They look like little drug packs!) Jason and I carried our packs in our socks.

Unfortunately, it was a very chilly day for the run. No problem..we wore loads of layers!

Sunglasses were on the list to keep the color dust our of the eyes, bandannas to keep the color our of our lungs, hats so our hair wouldn't turn a color (especially those who may color their hair on a regular base) and headbands so we looked like runners from the 70's!

Our race was to begin at 4:00pm. we waited in the crowd for 45 minutes!  Every 3-5 minutes, they would let 1000 runners begin the race.  We were in the 14th heat, so 13,000 people took off running before us! Crazy!!

Sam didn't get much color on his face!
Jack opted for the goggle look.