Tuesday, October 16, 2012


This year, we didn't have to go far to gather our pumpkins.

There is a place right around the corner from us selling pumpkins for THREE DOLLARS!!!

Sam and I headed over there one afternoon to load up on these orange delights!

The farmer has picked several of them before hand, so you can choose one out of the trailer or walk the patch and pick one of your own!

It is all on the honor system.  Large pumpkins are three dollars, medium to small are two dollars and loads of different color gourds are just a buck!!!

We choose a few off of the trailer, but who can say no to walking in the patch and picking your own?

Sam found the perfect carving pumpkin and then insisted on paying for it himself. (Yes, this huge pumpkin was only three dollars! I KNOW!!)  "You brought money?" I asked.  "I did," said Sam.

Sure enough, he did.  I offered to pay for his purchases, but he insisted on getting them on his own.

In case you were wondering where he kept his money...the bills where a little sweaty.

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