Monday, October 15, 2012

At about each 1k, there is a "color" area.  Volunteers have large ketchup looking bottles or Gatorade bottles filled with color (which is dyed cornstarch.)  As you "run" through these areas, the volunteers throw color at you. Here we are right after running through the orange color! Sam was so proud of how well he was able to get "colored."

The next color was blue and then we headed through the yellow.  You can see the "color run" area behind the boys.  The dust is everywhere!! The grass and sidewalks were so covered, that Sam rolled in the grass to get more color on his shirt and Jack made a "color" angle on the sidewalk.

When we finished the race, we celebrated by opening our color packets and throwing them up in the air together.  can you tell our packs were full of pink?  Good thing Jack had his goggles on!

You can see over Sam's shoulder what a pack looks like as it is being thrown in the air. The pictures look fuzzy, but that is actually what the air around us looked like!  Full of color dust!

Every 15 minutes, there was a count down for a color party.  We were actually suppose to throw our color at this time, but participating wasn't a problem.  This is a shot that a friend had on facebook showing how a color party looked like from above. You couldn't help but get more color on yourself!

Jack got loads of purple and green on himself from the party!

I was obviously by someone with a blue packet!

If Sam didn't wear his hat, his hair would have been awesome for school!

Jason was COVERED!!!

Three very proud color run finishers!

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