Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Trip to the Patch with Nanny...

My mom saw my previous blog post and thought it would be the perfect place to get a few pumpkins of her off we went!

Jack really wanted to get a pumpkin from the patch. He and Jason had picked some from "pre-picked" pumpkins on the back of the trailer, so he REALLY wanted to walk in the patch.

So did my's addictive looking at all the awesome pumpkins and thinking THEY ARE REALLY ONLY THREE DOLLARS!?!?!

Jack found his perfect carving pumpkin!

Sam and my mom found several, lined them up and decided on the three best.

Hmmm..what's this?  Why is my dad here? Why are the hoods of the cars up?

While at the patch, my mom's car battery died!  My dad had to come out and jump my mom's car!! Like I say several times..I don't make this stuff up!!!

While waiting for mom's car, Jack protected "The Chosen Ones" with a little dance.

around and around he went...

Sam decided to bring the Chosen Ones up to the car.

Jack had gotten a mini pumpkin and kept it close...even while getting a picture on the tractor!  In no time, mom's car was up and running and off we all went...away from the great battery draining pumpkin patch!

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