Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Jack was planning on having a cheese stick for a  bedtime snack.  He took his bath, brushed his teeth, read a bit and then lights out.  "Moooom...I forgot to eat my cheese stick!!" So I went and got him one...

Five minutes later I checked on the boys and discovered Jack had FALLEN ASLEEP WITH the cheese stick in his mouth!!  "OH!" I said.  I went and got Jason and told him to check out Jack...I had to go get my camera.  I proceeded to take a picture and then pull the cheese stick out of his mouth.  Not only had he fallen asleep with the cheese in his mouth, but also in mid BITE!!  When I pulled out the stick, I woke him up and had him finish eating the bite he was going to enjoy.  I then gave him a drink of water...to wash down any leftover cheese stick. He then looked at me and said, "I wasn't asleep."  I told him he could finish his cheese stick in the morning.  While walking out Jason says, "Wow, that was dangerous!"  Thank you Mr. Obvious!

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