Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Football Sunday...

Football is in full swing at our house...high school games on Friday...Iowa State games on Saturday, Vikes on Sunday, but most importantly...BOTH boys play ball on Sunday!!

This year Sam plays tackle on offense and defense.
Which he really enjoys, but is pretty beat by the end of the game.

(A little defensive strategy being discussed)

He had some great was fun to watch (and a bit scary!!)

I can always tell where Sam is lined up because he puts his left hand up when he "gets in position."

The other team hand to double team Sam at one point.

You can't see Sam tackling this guy...but it's his hand that is pulling on his jersey.

Sam spots his prey...

and takes him down.
(Oh my..I sound like "one of those football player moms!!)

This is what the lineman look like when the other team punts...pretty intense..huh!!!

Jack had his first "real" football game on Sunday, too...a little different, but still fun! Check in tomorrow for Jack's football pictures!

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