Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tornado Weather...

Yesterday afternoon, the tornado sirens went off... for real.
A little background...our town tests the tornado sirens the first Saturday of every month at noon.  When they would go off, I would pretend to panic and it would send Sam into a tizzy...I know this isn't nice...I have when he hears the siren, he asks it the first Saturday of the month...he is a quick learner.

Well, yesterday the sirens go off and Sam sprints to me and says, "IT'S NOT THE FIRST SATURDAY! WHY ARE THEY GOING OFF?" 

We have dish TV, so our TV signal goes out and we can't check out John McClaughlin and see what's up, so I call Jason.  There is all sorts of noise in the background on the phone..I told him what was happening and he says, he doesn't know what is gong on because he is being evacuated to his safe place and tells me to take the boys to the basement.

So I grab a few things and head to the basement...Sam starts to panic..."I DON"T WANT TO DIE!!" 
"Sam, you are not going to die today."
 "DO WE NEED TO GO IN TO THE CELLAR?" The cellar is actually a little room in our basement that makes our wine cold. We have talked that if there was a tornado that we would go to the cellar.
"Sam, we don't need to go to the cellar...I think the sirens went off because of the strong winds." "
 "Sure Sam, go get a game." 
What' s Jack doing this entire time?  Wrapped up in a blanket...laying on the floor and just watching the show!

So, this is what our safe place looked like yesterday...a game, my computer, a flashlight and my phone (which I am using to take photos.)

Jack wrapped up in his's cold in the basement!! 

Moose was tucked in between Jack and I.

And then it happened...of ALL cards Sam could draw during our game...the TORNADO CARD!!
I laughed!!! Bummer!!

PS...when I was Sam's age, I too, was terribly scared of bad weather and tornadoes. (BUT...I was 4 when the tornado hit our town and saw all the damage one could cause...I have an excuse! :) My fear was so bad, that my mom created a tornado map.  She highlight our town with green.  Then highlight all the surrounding counties with yellow...I couldn't start to worry or ask lots of questions until one of the "yellow" counties was mentioned.  Remember, this was before any Doppler radar and the news would only tell you counties.  I still have my map.

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