Friday, August 10, 2012

The following evening, we headed back to the mini golf place...thank goodness there are five different courses!

Again,  he LOVED these little photo ops...I wonder if he was a pirate in a past life?

As you can see, Sam has on clean clothes.
As you can see, Jack wore the EXACT same outfit as he did the night before..Mom, it's my golfing outfit!

Jason started out strong with a hole-in-one!

As did Jack..just feeeeeed that addiction!!

Hole fist hole-in-one of the vacation!!  Yep, Jack got another one...we are pondering the idea of starting golf lessons for him...hmmm...jack would probably find that boring - no dips, dives or windmills on
a "real" golf course!

Looking over the pirate's cove...finding nothing but fast food restaurants!

Jack blowing a little magic on my ball...didn't work!
I did learn some "official "golf" talk...Jason shared when he golfs with his friends and has a bad shot or putt, they say, "Nice putt, Katie."  Now, I once took some golf lessons about ...15 years ago.  Jason took me to the driving range for some practice. Unfortunately, and much to jason's sheer embarrassment, I had to yell "FORE" two times.  For some odd reason, my ball kept flying backwards (it would have had a wicked back spin had it gone in the correct direction!.) After I had to yell FORE the second time, Jason looked right at me and said real quietly, "go. sit. down."  I haven't golfed since!

Hurray!! sam got his hole-in-one, too!!
Again, it was a great time of mini-golfing!!
No yelling fore and we all got a hole in one!!

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