Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sam, Our Tri-Athlete!

Sam has been training for his triathlon all summer, and finally the day was here!

He signed up to do it last year, but it was rain delayed and eventually cancelled.

He was super excited to get FINALLY get the opportunity to participate in the race!

He was so excited and nervous, that the night before he wasn't able to fall asleep until one in the morning.

It was a very short night for the little man.

He was pretty stressed out about not getting enough sleep and the "unknown" about the entire event, but once he got going...he was fine...as always!!

 In line for the swimming leg of the race...I am wondering why the little guy on the left is checking Sam out...

And off he went!! 

(oh jeepers...a little cold...that's what I would have been thinking!!)

Running to his bike after the swim.  A transition...I've learned some lingo this summer!

Nanny and jack cheering him on during his transition!  Jack was a much more active cheerleader at this race then he was during the previous weeks one mile race.


And off he goes to do the 2 mile bike ride....
Even a little wave from Jack!!!