Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Back from the bike ride to transition to his half mile run (I KNOW...I would be dead too!)

Looking good...

Sam thought the water break areas were pretty cool...he would drink a little and then pour the rest on his head!

He just entered the track were he needs to go around one time to the finish line!

He can see the finish line...right across the field. (I think I would have just cut across the field and called it good!)

Darn, he got a little cramp and need to take a little break.

He finished strong!!

A little grimace, but who wouldn't after that!!!

he finished the entire race in under 18 minutes!! He was hoping to finish in about 20 minutes, so he set himself a personal best...I guess since it was his first tri, it would automatically be his personal best!

You can see how proud he is with that big smile!
Congratulations, Sam!!

(I was able to get all these pictures at each stage, because I am in good running shape and ran from event to event.  Not really, my dad was with me and he shot some of the photos while I shot some of the others! Team work!!)

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