Friday, July 13, 2012

A Lego the Making...

Jack's birthday is on Saturday and the theme is Legos.  So I have been working on getting this Lego birthday party prepared. What is awesome is that the boys are at the age where they can help with the preparations! YEA!!

I was so excited when I found this Lego Birthday Kit for half price..I soon realized why it was half price!

The kit includes 10 invites, thank you notes, builder packs and name tags.

I LOVED the invites...easy to fill out postcards...until I went to address them!! This is the front of the card...

and this is the back. Notice it doesn't include a place for the I ended up printing off labels and putting them on the front of the invite along with the stamp. NO WONDER it was half price...the Thank You cards have the same issue!!!

Jack helped make Lego bingo cards.

We got this idea and the print outs at

We then created "name" bricks for place settings and labeling the Lego Loot buckets.

I saw this idea on-line and...

Jack had it created in no time!!

I will be cutting these out and taping them to straws for the kiddos to use with their drinks.  The heads are a little larger then a quarter.

I copied blank Lego heads onto yellow cardstock, cut them out and created a banner.

We will be playing "Guess How Many Legos in the Jar."  Each guest will put their guess on the back of one of the name tags that came with the kit.

I purchased small sand buckets for the Lego Loot.

These mini sets were only $ 2.50. A little "dated" but I repackaged them and they will work perfect for prizes!

This also came with the kit.

I cut off the Lego Party mini-figure and put it in the Loot bucket.  I am making lanyards, with the Lego building cards, for the guests to wear.

I also cut off this "building tips and tricks" and added to the Loot bucket.

I will share more picture of preparations, final products and the actual party!!

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