Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Jack!!!

Happy Seventh Birthday, Jack!!

 I decided it would be a fun idea to interview Jack for his Birthday.  He, on the other side, did NOT like that idea at all.  "'I'm not good at interviews!!!"  Seriously?  "I am just going to ask you some questions about yourself," I explained. 'NOOOOOO! I can't do this!!"  Seriously..I didn't realize that he had had so many lately and was burned out on interviewing! I wanted to yell, "YOU ARE GOING TO ANSWER MY QUESTIONS BECAUSE I DON'T WANT OT HAVE TO TALK ABOUT THE SEVEN FROGS THAT ARE HANGING OUT IN OUR FOUNTAIN!!"  Instead, I looked up one of Sam's birthday posts and read it out loud.  Sam and I shared a few laughs and then I started to ask jack questions...this is what I got out of him...
Right now:
Jack loves to build Legos, build Legos, build Legos.
(He also likes monkeys, riding his bike, swimming, playing with friends, watching TV, playing video games and the color green..)
Jack fears the log ride, the dark, The Box at the pumpkin patch and all Halloween aisles!
Jack wishes he could meet Albert Einstein.
Jack is looking forward to being a super star in baseball.
Jack is hoping to get the Lego Bat Cave for his birthday.

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