Thursday, July 12, 2012

Minneapolis Trip Part 2...

We started day two of our adventure with breakfast at Starbucks. Had to get our energy up for a day of rides AND SHOPPING!!!

The boys and my sister did a morning wake up ride on the Log Ride. At one point, you float by an enormous Paul Bunyan. Yesterday, Jack was looking in the opposite direction and didn't see Paul. Unfortunately, this morning he did see Paul...just as Paul blinked his big "old doll like" eyes and said, "HEY..." It scared Jack to death!!!  While heading up the hill to go down the plunge, jack kept whispering, "oh no oh no oh no."  You can see the terror in his eyes!!

This is right after the plunge...Meg was mouthing, "Jack is scared!!!"  Look at the grip he has on the chair in front of him!

We had to take some family shots!!!

After the log ride, Jack was our map person.

Megan couldn't believe, "I RODE THIS YESTERDAY!!"

My mom has always wanted to get charicatures of the boys, so this was the perfect time to get this checked off her list!

Jack....and Jack!
(Love the thumbs up...SO jack!)

Jack had to study himself.

Sam's turn...

Sam loved the whole football idea!

We did a little shopping and the boys were so excited as you can tell!

I wonder what they were watching in this photo!!

It was such a fun trip and I would do it again in an instant...spontaneous can be fun!!

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