Friday, June 15, 2012

Frog Days of Summer...

To my friend, Janet...SKIP THIS POSTING!!!

There really hasn't been many frogs out this summer...yet.  So the boys were super excited when they found not one, but TWO in the window well!!

Jack's "little" guy is named Bull. Not because of Bullfrog...but because when jack tries to catch this hopper, he bull dozes his way under the leaves to hide!

Sam's guy is named Buck. Buck is a big frog and so he named him after the ape in Planet of the Apes. (Sam had just woke up in this picture and wasn't very sure of his frog yet!)

He is a big boy!!

Jack listens to his chirp to him!  ewww.

Jack put his in our fountain and the little guy got out and hopped around.  I put my camera on the ground and just pushed the button to see what I would get...

Thought you would like to see how big this guy is!  I told Jack that he needed to put his frog back in the window well...

Jack gave him a good shower before returning him to his home.

Jack is now teaching his frog new tricks...notice how his frog is climbing on his back!!  He really thinks he could be on America's Got Talent!!
Can you spot the two in their home?  My mom was over and thought their "home" was gross. So she and the boys took out all the old leaves and replaced them with fresh ones...ewww.

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