Monday, June 18, 2012

Crafty Chloe...

The boys and I went to Barnes and Noble to get some new summer reading books.  While they were doing their searching...the teacher comes out in me and I head straight to the new children's books.  Up high on the bookshelf I spotted one, just for me and all my fellow crafters...Crafty Chloe!!

Chloe is a crafter and she makes EVERYTHING!!! (how fab!!) The gist of the story is that Chloe gets invited to a birthday party and is trying to decide what to make the birthday girl...

A fancy acquaintance, and fellow party attendee, London,  makes fun of Chloe for making the birthday girl, Emma,  a present. London has bought Emma a fabulous and everyone wants one, doll. Unfortunately, on  the way to the party, something happens to London and her present...Chloe just happens to be walking by and London yells...

"What am I going to do?  I can't give Emma a..."
WHAT IS THIS? I ask myself.
  Someone has put a post-it note over a word in the book!!! 
Seriously...a person covered the word..."naked."

I am not going to go into how I feel about this...but I must share it really surprised me!!  (PLUS...if you would read how the person "edited" the doesn't make sense! "I can't give Emma a doll without clothes doll!"
I showed Sam this...and he said, "Her doll is naked." and then asked, "Why did someone do that?"  "Don't know," was what I told him.

 I went on to finish the book, which is absolutely fabulous (with or without the word, "naked.")  It would be the perfect gift for a fellow could change the name "Chloe" to your crafter's name and if the word "naked" troubled could decorate it into something fancy!!!  :)

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