Thursday, June 14, 2012

Interesting Sleeping...

I walk past Jack's room one night and this catches my eye...


(Sam is sleeping in Jack's room again.)
Sam went tot he NCAAs with Jason on Saturday.  The top of his knees got a bit red..a tell tell sign that you have attended a track meet! Before he went to bed,  I put aloe vera on them to soothe his poor red striped knees!. He wanted them to dry and he fell asleep while waiting!! 

Meanwhile, Jack has built a fort on the lower bunk...hence the blankets draping from the top bunk...

I glance down and see this...Moose tucked in with Jack...enjoying the breeze! 

So Moose is sleeping with Jack, who is wrapped in the Spiderman sheets to the right!!
All in a good nights sleep at our house!!

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