Friday, June 8, 2012

An Evening at the Pool...

So I took the boys to the pool...BY MYSELF!! If you know me then you know how I dread this place.  I just don't like to get into tight fitting garments (suits are like girdles, but for all to see!), that show all my unwanted curves and the hail damage on my legs...just not something I want all to see.  But the other night,  I put on my big girl suit and my "moomoo" cover up and off we went.

Jack perfected his diving...

At times, he showed his diving form was taken after his mom's diving form!

This cracks me up..I am taking this from my lounger.  When Jack dives, he doesn't put his legs together, so he looks like a little frog jumping in!!

Sam, on the other hand, has developed a nice dive...this too YEARS to get to...just like his mom!!

This is one of those pictures that was an oops, but I actually really like it!!

Sam loves to do splashy cannon balls! 

When we first got there, Sam yells "MOM WATCH THIS!!" and proceeds to do a HUGE, on purpose, belly flop!  There were a few middle school girls that observed this transaction.  They covered their mouths and said, "OHHHHHH!!"  And then one girl looked at the other and said, "He did that on purpose!" she may have even rolled her eyes a bit.  Anyway, Sam gets out and his belly is RED!!  No big deal to he goes to another part of the pool.  I told Jason about this and he said, "Yea, when they see Sam do that in college they will laugh their butts off, think he is cool and want to date him!"  That made me smile...such a proud parent, pull at your heart strings thought of the future!

Overall, I survived and the boys had a good time.

 I am hoping that I will get some time in my scrap area this weekend.  I have a few ideas with the water pictures and one to celebrate Moose's one year anniversary with us! Cross your toes!!

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Janet said...

Great pictures, Katie! I NEVER took Bailey to the pool for the same reasons as you cite, plus I'm deathly afraid of the water. Consequently I had to pay big bucks for private swimming lessons for her! You are a brave girl to go to the pool AND you even had fun!