Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Swim Lessons...

The boys are on their second week of swim lessons. We take them from one of the Des Moines school's old swim coaches.  These are the BEST swim lessons EVER!!! If you need an amazing place to take swim lessons, and willing to drive to Beaverdale, then talk to me!

Jack working on his "standing" crawl stroke!

The "biggies" of the year is Jack doing the crawl stroke and being able to breath at the same time...

...getting a bit better at it in this picture.

Waiting his turn to dive.  Sam and I crack up about his goggles..when he turns his head they bop around and look like little bug antennas!

Sam is all business when it comes to his lessons.

When he first started here, he couldn't swim, dive or back float.

No problem now!

He is actually "perfecting" his crawl stroke.  This year, he is working on his turns...he can do a flip turn, but he says, "i have no idea where I am when I do one of those!

Again, if you need an amazing place for lessons, this is it!!  Jack started when he was just three (or maybe younger.)
I love the lessons and so do the boys!!

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Janet said...

Awesome pictures, Katie! I took B to a private place in Clive and she was also great. It was worth the $$$ because we all know she wasn't going to learn from her mother! Can you relate? ;)