Thursday, June 7, 2012


So the summer is suppose to be quiet, calm, relaxing and lazy...HA!!
Jack did find a comfy rock to relax on at Sam's football game.
(pin on that Mother of the Year award!!)

So far this summer we have:
Sam training for a triathlon, which means either swimming, biking or running each day.
He then has  tri-training on Saturday mornings.
Sam is playing on a flag football team this summer...which he loves!!
We signed up for the library reading program.
Swim lessons started this week..boys love them!!
Jack is playing baseball.
We have been entertaining at the house almost every weekend!
taking the boys to friends and friends coming over.
Watering all our new flowers..please rain!!
Loads of swimming.
Keeping up our new pool...checking chemical levels and scooping out bugs every morning...our cover ripped.
I have been getting ready for the Memory Bound garage sale...yea!!
I am also getting ready for two new classes and updating four others! 
Moose has decided it's a good idea to roll in some other animals poo at least every other she has been bathed as much as the boys lately!!
And the boys like to be fed for breakfast, lunch and dinner! (UGH)
So, our summer hasn't been a lazy summer, but I do have loads of pictures to share!!
So please don't go away and make sure to check back on our summer follies!!

(oh yea...Jason and I figured out that he has been gone 6 of the last 7 weeks...just had to add that on for some sympathy points!!)

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