Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Our First Track Meet...

Last week, Sam participated in the Hershey Track Meet. It was the first track meet Sam had ran in and we were all nervous!! I apologize for these pictures, I only had my "little" camera...big mistake on my part!

This is Sam running the 100. He is the second from the right in the gray shirt.

He finished second in his heat.  The only bummer part was that when he crossed, the finish line string, (seriously, it was an orange string) caught his leg around the ankle and gave it a good string burn.  You would see others that had finished first or second, because they would have string burns on their bodies too.

Sam giving the "timer girl" his name.

His next race was the 200. He, again, is second from the right.

He closed the gap pretty well.

Digging in at the end!!!

and he crossed in second place.
Later he told me he the running bug had bit him and he couldn't wait to run in another track meet. PHEW!!

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