Monday, May 7, 2012

Jack and Baseball...

Jack is playing for the LA Dodgers this year.

A friend of Sam's plays baseball and had an extra baseball bag and loaned it to Jack. He holds his mitt, bat and helmet...but it is soooo cool!!

We had our first official game last Thursday night.

I love the smell of a new leather mitt in the evening.

jack has a big head...literally. So, he has his own helmet.  Well, he took it out of the bag and other kiddos were wearing it.  So, when Jack went to bat, he had to wear one of the "provided" helmets, which didn't fit his all. When he ran, he had to hold onto the helmet!

The kid that batted before Jack, had Jack's helmet on.  I said, "Who is that kid that has Jack's helmet on?  Look at Jack's helmet!  He can't even keep it on his head without holding onto it! What's the point of bringing your own helmet if another kid is just going to take it and put it on?!"

No, I didn't say anh of that. Jason just went into the dugout and after Jack got back and told him to put his helmet in his bag after each use so he could make sure he had it when it was his turn to bat. Look how carefully he has balanced the tiny helmet on the top of his precious head!

When he ran to home, though, the helmet fell off because it was just covering (protecting) the crown of his head!

Jack had some awesome plays.  as awesome as they get in tee ball!
The coach gave him a fist pump!!

Waiting in the dugout with HIS helmet already on HIS head!!
Love this smile!

What cha saying coach? You like my socks?

And did you see his number?  The lucky seven!!!

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