Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Day in the Yard...

I decided it was time to go and get a few flowers for my yard. Honestly, I dread doing this, but once I get to the flower store, i can't stop buying! So this year, I took pictures of my areas that needed flowers and then picked only flowers that would work in those areas.

I started at Home Depot this year.

I brought a few flowers home and Moose thought they were beautiful!

Last fall we had the back yard redone...we added a patio, sidewalks, steps and loads of mulch.  Jason was amazed to find my clematis had actually started to grow after all that yard work last fall!!

The previous house owners had left some great unused items, slightly buried over time,  on the edge of the woods, so we decided to dig them out and put them to use.  We pulled out two of these stone pots..they are super heavy and pretty big but they look great with huge red geraniums!  There is a pot on each side of the bench (which was the previous owners also!)

Another item we pulled out was this stone birdbath. It was extremely heavy! I put an old wire chair, that i purchased at a junk sale, beside it...added a plant and wa la...yard art!

At my favorite junk place, the Painted Porch in Medford, Minn., (if you are heading up to Minn., it is a must stop!) I bought this little green tree swing.

I knew what tree I wanted to hang it from, but I also know that it is snake season. So before heading out, I put on my boots.  They just made me feel better and safer.

The tree looks closer than it actually is...I wanted to hang it from that branch.  The thing is, it is on a hill..a steep hill. I walked out and there was no way for me to reach the branch, so I went to Plan B. 

A ladder. This is a view of the hill. It is hard to see, but it goes straight down into a ravine.. The dirt you see behind the ladder is actually the other side of the hill.  I wedged the ladder against the tree.  I started to climb up and thought, maybe I shouldn't use a vintage ladder, a real ladder probably work better.

Moose came over and sat beside the tree and looked at my like, "What in the world do you think you are doing?"

I did it though!  But one, it faces the wrong way and two, YOU CAN"T SEE IT! So now I need to take it down, paint it and put it back up. I think I will wait for Jason.

and if Jas would say anything about my tree swing, then i will have to remind him that he has THIS on one of our trees!.

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