Friday, May 4, 2012

Mr. Third Baseman...

Jack had his first baseball game last night.  He had a good time...more about all that coming in a later post. But I had to share the photos with Jack's encounter with Mr. Third Baseman.

Jack arrived at third base in the usual fashion.

Mr. 3rd proceeded to welcome Jack by trying to take off Jack's helmet.  I think he wanted to try it on for size.

He then decided to gut butt Jack with his hat.  Jack kept looking at him like he was crazy.

Back to the helmet..Mr. 3rd began to repeatedly tap on it!  Jack still just gave him his best "Jack" look.

Then Mr. 3rd tried to make friends and give Jack a hug...I think.

Jack got ready to run to home did Mr. 3rd.
Jack was thinking, "My socks on the outside of my pants are soooooo much better than your footie socks."

I believe Jack was pretty happy to head home!

"My word!! Did you see that kid?? He kept touching me!!!"

side note:
When we left the ball park, I told Jack that he was to wear his socks under his pants.
"I noticed that, mom. But we are all different and wear our socks our own way."
Well stated kid. :)

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