Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A New Lawn Ornament...

TA DA...A new lawn ornament..or a critter caller as I refer to it!

We had some friends move to St. Louis and their backyard is one big hill.  They would not be able to use their pool, so they asked if we would want need to ask twice!!

We put it up on Saturday and started to fill it at 3:00 Saturday afternoon. It wasn't full until 7:00 am on Sunday.  the boys couldn't wait to get in the at 8:30 Sunday morning...we headed out!

Jack took the plunge first...and Sam followed!

It was a race to see who could get out first...the water was SOOOOO cold!

After a few more pool tricks...

Sam announced that he couldn't feel his legs and got out.  Jack was not far behind! 
All this fun lasted about 15 minutes top. While walking in jack asked if I could fill the pool with some warm buckets of water. I told him unfortunately, the only warming of the water will be the sun.
I have yet to get in needs to be warm.

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