Thursday, May 24, 2012

Last Day of School...

Tuesday was the last day of school.  Took a few last day photos and I cannot believe how much the boys have grown!

Jack on the first day of school in August. He is just as tall as the electric socket on the wall. (He is signing a "K" for kindergarten.) 

Here is my little guy on the last day.  Look how much he has grown!! No wonder he has growing pains!

Here is Sam on the first day of school this fall.

Just when i thought he couldn't get any taller, HE grew a brick, too! He is starting to look like such a young man.  (sniff)

Here are the kiddos in the fall...

....and then just the other day.

I took a picture of dropping them off at school for the last time this year. and i realized that I needed to clean my car windows!

There they go...for their last day of school.  It was a bitter sweet day. They were excited about it being the last day of school, but sad that they will be leaving this school and going to the new school next year.
Oh...jack had to do his "go to" pose with the rock!

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