Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Sleep Over...

Jason took the boys to a movie this weekend...Diary of a Wimpy Kid. In the movie, the boys go see a movie. In this movie, a man and a lady go into a house and above the fireplace is a huge portrait painting of a gentlemen...that only has one foot. Well, the couple hears the foot pounding down the stairs...and that night the lady is sleeping in bed and the foot jumps on her face and sticks to her face by hooking its pinkie toe into her nostril.

Do you see where this is going?

When the boys get home they tell me how freaky the foot was. I looked at jas and he just shrugged and said it was VERY cheesy. I take his word for it. that night, jack yelled out around one in the morning...scared...jas laid with him (only fair, he took him to the movie) and jack was fine. Night 2 - called out, Jason laid with him again....Night 3...called out (I am thinking this is becoming a habit!!) i laid with him....when he would fall asleep, I would get up (very quietly) and boom, the kid would wake up. Finally after 2 hours of laying on his floor...we made a "comfy" spot for him by my bed so we could both get some sleep.
Now for the past three nights, I go to get into MY comfy bed...and what do I see?

Hmmmmm..blankets, monkey slippers and monkeys...'s Jack...sleeping by my bed!!!

Notice all of his "monkey" things are there...protecting him. I like how he has the monkey positioned down both sides of him..extra protection.
(he must of just finished reading the paper before calling it a night!)
Jas and I decided this is fine...we just don't know how long to let him sleep in here...but for now, everyone is getting sleep...and that is a good thing in our house!

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nanny/mom said...

I think you need some 'anti- foot " spray at your house. Remember the ghost spray Sam used here before he went into rooms and the basement?