Friday, April 22, 2011

The Masters at out House...

The other night, after the boys were asleep, i went downstairs and found Jason playing his new golf game...

He states, "This is me. Check me out...don't you think this guy looks like me!"
He was serious...I didn't know that Jason owned a white belt or white shoes..and this guys pants don't have pleats of cuffs (hee..hee)

"Watch me swing!"
This means nothing to me. I find golf frustrating to watch because I can never see the ball. I wish they would circle it in the air or put a little arrow by it or make it flash, so I could see it going to wherever it is headed. they can do all sorts of "drawings" in football, they should be able to spot a small golf ball.

Then Jason says, "Wait..look at me from the front. Isn't that great!"
I am not sure what he is referring to...but I just go along and say, "Awesome."

"Oh, did you get a picture of my caddie. He has my name on his back,"
Like this is the REAL Masters....though is did find this funny.

So while I was "in the area" of where he was playing his golf game (basically i was near the couch) he started to shoot bad.
He looked at me and said, "i have had three double bogies since you came down here."
Me: "Is that good?"
Jason: "No."
Jas and I have been together long enough that I know what he really is saying, "I was doing awesome and then you come down here and have ruined my good luck streak..time for you to leave."
 (Reminds me of when he watches the vikings games..."the vikes haven't scored since you started watching." )

Anyway, that's ok with me...I have my Russian revolver solitaire game to play upstairs...
 I am amazed of my super woman powers that I can change a football and golf game just by my mere presence.
THAT... is awesome.

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