Wednesday, April 20, 2011

duct tape...

Sam and a friend are playing with the idea of selling duct-tape wallets. (Let me know if you would like to see any samples!)  So, after a stop at Staples to refresh our duct tape choices (plain gray is so yesterday!),  Sam sat down the other day to make some samples...he has a dollar bill out to make sure each wallet is "usable."

He worked very hard...sticking the tongue out helps. (He gets this"trait" from his Grandpa Rold!)

TA DA!  A small set of duct-tape wallets...any bids?

And then Jack...he ran upstairs and put on his tie-dyed t-shirt.  He put small strips of tie-dyed duct tape on his earlobes...and peaced us...still sticking with being a hippie in his grown years.

He is very much in the groove and feeling it in this shot....

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